At the end of each project we are always left with the perfect space. A space which harmonises with its surroundings, sets the tone, radiates warmth but is fresh at the same time, and which has style and atmosphere.To achieve this, we develop an individual concept for each room. We firstly analyse the situation: what are the strengths of the floor layout? How can we optimise the space available? How should the furniture be positioned so the room can shine?
The next step is the planning in order to give the room character. The perfect lighting, harmonious colours, flooring and high-quality furnishings lay the foundation for a harmonious overall concept.
Our strength is taking things to the next level: we not only plan rooms, but also pay attention to even the smallest details. With the selection of the perfect materials, pictures, carpets and exclusive, self-designed furniture the interior is completed – with the perfect finishing touches.
We plan the space in its entirety and handpick the shapes, colours and materials of the furniture. In addition to the furnishings, this includes carpets, rugs, decorative lighting solutions, fine arts and design objects. We purchase the items from renowned manufacturers with whom we have worked together for years.
To vividly depict our ideas, we will create a visualisation of the finished space. Sketches, drawings, photographs and materials and fabric collages show exactly what the room will look like.